Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

Our Easter turned into a low key event. Scarlett got into a fire ant bed a few days before Easter. Her feet were still bleeding and tender on Easter, so we stayed home. I will post some pictures soon. 

Here is our neighbor's dog, PJ, with Scarlett. She loves that little dog and tries to call it over to our house by patting the grass. PJ is still a puppy and jumps in Scarlett's face, but Scarlett just pushes him away.

We went to the fastest Easter egg hunt ever. The kids were divided into sections and at 2:00 they were set free to load up on plastic eggs. At 2:09 we were back in the car and we even stopped to get a cupcake.  Jackson got several eggs. I don't have a picture of Scarlett, she was in another section and it was not very well patrolled. The teenage kids that were supposed to be helping the 0-3 age group decided to pick up eggs for themselves. Ryan was a little outdone with them.


We decorated Easter eggs with the sweet girls that live a couple of houses over from us. This was Caroline's very cool creation.

And finally at the end of the day, pool time. This was Scarlett's first time at the pool. She went when she was a couple of months old, but that doesn't count.  I just knew that she was going to love it. I was so very wrong! The water is still a little cold, but Scarlett freaked out. I think part of the problem was that she was not touching the bottom, it is very unlike the bathtub.

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