Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Days In A Row

It's summer break and Scarlett loves to paint (ahem)!

You might can tell! 

If she didn't look so happy, this would feel like a parenting fail! 
This is what happens when you are cleaning up and leave a toddler to paint. 

Happy Girl! Bring on the Summer Fun!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Outdoor Toy Ever

 This toy is one of our absolute favorite outdoor toys. Kids come from everywhere when we pull ours out of the garage. We have toted our 2 Flying Turtles all over the USA and they are still in great condition. They hold up well to any kid, any size. We have had turtle races with grown men before and its so fun to watch.


Many colors available. We have green and purple. 

We have used the mess out of these things. This purple one is about 7 years old and is missing one of the hand-grips. Considering kids bikes don't last 7 years, we think the Flying Turtles are doing well. I am not sure that Caroline knows that her purple turtle has been taken over by the toddler.  She will soon.


This is one of our many outdoor adventures this summer. Finding things to do with a toddler in and around a townhouse is a little challenging. Scarlett props her feet up on the bars and we push her around. She is learning to "drive" better each week.  

More toddler fun in the works. 

*this is my own personal review for the Flying Turtle. We really do love ours and in no way were we compensated for this review.