Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boys & Soccer

 Jackson loves soccer. It was the first sport that he every played and he is hooked. He did chose to give t-ball and chance last Spring and had a great time.  We were all set to play baseball here in our new city, but then heard that they would be offering Spring Soccer. Here in the Deep South soccer is still somewhat of a new phenomenon. This is the first year that our small town has offered Spring Soccer.

We are all set with brand new gear. We have met our coach and team mates. Hoping that we have an excellent season.  The first game is not for a couple of weeks and so we will have to get some updated pictures then. 

Jackson does say the funniest things and this was a conversation yesterday!
Jackson: Let's get this weekend started (in his best rock n roll impersonation).
Me: It's only Tuesday buddy.
Jackson: Wake me when its Thursday.
Me: Why? So you can go skating on Thursday (the whole school has skate day on Thursday).
Jackson: Nope, so I can show off my mad soccer skills!

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