Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire Ants

My poor baby got into a fire ant bed. I was checking the mail, turned around, and they were all over her feet because she was standing right in the middle of their bed. I scooped her up and dashed for the house. She cried and cried. I felt terrible.  I took some pictures from the last few days and she is doing so good.

About 5 hours after the ant attack of 2012. She had been napping in the car and we had just sat down during Jackson's soccer practice. I found out later I could give her Benadryl, but she had some Tylenol to help with the pain.  Miserable!

This was the next morning. Her ankles had disappeared :)

This was 30 hours later. You can see the blisters forming. She had some Benadryl in her a couple of times by the time this picture was taken.  Daddy was home by then and those ants were on their way to the grave. 
 Her feet started bleeding after this. She would rub against something and the blister would pop and bleed. It
  was pitiful, but she never scratched at them.

This is today. 6 days later. All the blisters have popped. She has a few scabs and is healing so well. The picture is blurry, but that just goes to show that she's on the move.

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