Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hope For The Weary Mom

The new "Hope for the Weary Mom" book is available. This book is an extended version of the 2011 e-book by Brooke McGlothin of the MOB Society and Stacy Thacker of the MOD Squad.

These ladies have worked so hard to speak their hearts about a mom's life. They admit that motherhood is not always easy and that we all mess it up. They remind us that our hope in Jesus will bring us through to the other side.

Visit the Hope for the Weary Mom website to learn how you can win prizes and get your own copy. There is a Kindle version and a print version. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorite Part of the Day

I used to love nap time. The house got so quiet and I could recharge in the stillness. I certainly would get feisty when that nap time got messed up. I needed it as much as my Scarlett did. 

Now, I am working when she is napping and when I pick her up all recharged. Except, mama is starting to drag.  I am going all day and working part time and I miss that quiet time that was all for me. I have tried getting up at 5:30 and that is not working one bit.

So my new favorite time of the day is after everyone is asleep. Everything can be still and quiet and lovely.  I can recharge and remember all those things that get pushed back during the day.  I can make a list, read a book, or simply sit, but I absolutely cannot clean anymore.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wonderful Weekends

I accidentally just blocked myself from attaching pictures to a blog posts from my phone. I will have to edit this tomorrow when I get to a computer. Somedays, I'm the one that's a mess.

We have a long weekend off school. It's what they are calling Fall Break, but it is not fall here in Florida. I'm ready tomorrow to spend some time with my kids because next week will be so busy.

My favorite part of the weekend was spent with my family at the Pirate of the High Seas Festival. The fireworks display on Saturday night was amazing. We paid a little fee and was granted access to the pier. The fireworks were shot off from the end of the pier. The breeze was wonderful and the entertainment amazing. Scarlett loved it all, she clapped and cheered the whole time. The big kids loved it and claimed it was the best they had ever seen.

edited: We met a Jack Sparrow look-a-like. He was awesome and played the part just right. There was a beach ball drop and all the kids scored a ball. Sorry for the scary looking eyes (night time flash).  I was looking for pictures of the fireworks but they must be on my daughter's iPod.  She's needs to hurry home from her sleepover. 

This is my favorite time of the year to live in such a huge tourist town. There is hardly anyone but locals here. You can get into restaurants without much of a wait an traffic is much more manageable. I love walks on the beach this time of year.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Normal

Some days I think that I have it all together. We are busier that I ever imagined being. My phone calendar is my life lifeline. We would be totally lost without it. Working, even part time, has made our world a little bit more chaotic.

Caroline has turned another year older and started Middle School. Unbelievable stress getting adjusted. We are having to learn how to prep, study, and organize better than we ever have. Caroline continues to be amazing and she is adjusting to a new school and church. She is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth Group at Church, takes a dance class, and is trying out for the basketball team.

Jackson just celebrated a birthday and turned 8 years old. Time! Please slow down.  Jackson is amazing at school. He can give 50% and get great grades. Caroline has to give 1000% and barely gets by.  His downfall is that he likes to talk.
Our goal is to keep Jackson busy. He picks things up quickly and we hope to let him experience everything that he wants.  Jack learned to play hockey this year and enjoyed a short season on the military base hockey league.  Soccer is in full swing and this year Dad gets to help coach. I'll report how that is going later.

My Scarlett has found her vocal cords. She is still limited to just a few words. I have a feeling when she figures out talking we are all in trouble. Scarlett has just started daycare. This was her first week. It was never our goal to have out kids in daycare but financially I need to work now.  Scarlett keeps us running and loves to go "wok" (walk) and feed the "ish" (fish).

As if Ryan and I are not busy enough, we are taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I am so excited and hope that we can climb over this barrier we are at. New career, new home, new life that we are loving is difficult but doable.