Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surviving (non) Deployments

This is from last May. I'm not sure why it didn't post. I thought I wanted it on here so I would go ahead and post it. We are all moved now and the car is fixed. At least that problem is fixed.

Ryan was not all the way to back to Florida on Sunday when I noticed a leak under my car. This is not at all what we need. Seriously, gas prices are gonna bury us.


My neighbor, who owns a hair salon with his wife, came to look at it. In his professional-hair-salon opinion, he had no clue. HA! Bless his heart!
 We did figure out that it was not oil or power steering, very happy. 
I am completely at a loss at this point and missing my military world a bit more.  It's beginning to feel like a deployment without the hazardous duty pay.

Ryan and I finally figured out that it is coolant leaking from a hose under the car. It is dripping and running down the oil pan and onto a support bracket and then dripping from the car. I had the camera under the car with me and was text messaging him pictures. God love us!
 Easy fix if Ryan was here. Hopefully, Ryan will have some time when he is here in a couple of weeks. 

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