Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Valentine's Dinner

Valentine's has always been hit or miss at our house. Some years we do something and some years we don't.  Since the past 6 months have been a rough transition on our family, I decided to do something fun just for them. 

They know I love them, right?


This is how the table looked when we came home from school. Ryan comes home from work 15 minutes after we get home and so we had an after school snack of lemon pie at the table together. 

 We had a great time enjoying each other. Everyone was on their best behavior. 

Our dinner was crock-pot Italian chicken, peas, and rice. 
Very wholesome and heartwarming, don't you think? 


Our Valentine's dinner was just what a girl loves. next year I may have to come up with something that speaks to the souls of the boys in my life. 

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