Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ribbons and Bows

Recently, I've been feeling creative. My sweet Scarlett needs a place for all those bows, headbands, and ribbons; because she will wear them one day. They had been taking up residence in a basket, but would over flow each time I went searching for a bow.

 A canvas from Michael's, on sale of course, painted in a mis-tint from Lowe's. Can it get much cheaper than that.  I even had the black ribbon that I wrapped around the lower half and stapled into place on the backside of the canvas frame. 

 I also bought a Cricut machine off of Craigslist and I am enjoying a few craft projects. I also think that that this picture is upside down. Pink vinyl for some cute pink letters. 

Here is how it looks without all the ribbons and bows added to it. The letters do stand out a little more in person, but I slightly wish that I had a brighter pink. 

Here it is with a whole bunch of bows and flowers. I made need to add another ribbon row for more bows. 

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