Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Saturday of Pictures

Up bright and early on a Saturday morning
Wear a headband for Mama, please!

Loved that she was taller than the mini
Enjoying her Starbucks!
This weekend I get to spend some time with just my girls. We have had so much fun. 

My oldest needed this time with her Mama. She is so good at helping me. She got ready and asked if we could go anywhere? Off to the shopping center to do some window shopping. We oohed and aahed our way through Charming Charlie and spent some time in other stores before parking ourselves in the Barnes & Noble to look through books. 

My baby girl will be one soon. She is getting so big. Scarlett has been walking for 2 months, eats everything that you put in front of her, will not touch milk, and loves her family. She will go to each and every one of us for love and comfort or when she's hurt or scared. I love that she trust not only me and her daddy, but she equally trust and loves her brother and sister.

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