Monday, February 27, 2012

Update on Valentine's Challenge

 Our Valentine's Challenge was a success and SO MUCH FUN! We will be doing this again. 
Jackson was so funny trying to hide my present behind his back as he walked into the room.  I love seeing my kids do for others. They have a tendency (like all kids) to think only of themselves, but this provided an opportunity to think of someone else.

As you can see, Jackson got M&M's, he also got a camouflage t-shirt and it fit in the jar. Scarlett loves the M&M's, she walks over to where the jar is and holds her hand out. She can also hear that jar being opened from anywhere in the house and she comes running. We have been giving her yellow M&M's so that when she drools it doesn't mess up her clothes.

I forgot to take pictures of the rest of our jars when they were full.  Caroline got a watch and so that was easy to fit in the jar.  Ryan got a t-shirt and tootsie rolls. I received pajama pants that were super soft. Scarlett got a bath toy and baby snacks.

It is so easy to get just a little something to make someone else feel special.

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