Monday, November 26, 2012


My Internet is running so slow. I think dial up would be faster at this point. The pictures that I am going to post will be HUGE but there's no way for me to change them from my phone (that I'm aware of). I am aware that I am writing this post twice because I somehow deleted it.

Thanksgiving Day was amazing. The weather was wonderful and I learned to make my hubby's favorite sweet potato casserole . He loves it and next year he will be eating whatever they serve in the desert, I may have to make it again.

My big kids learned to ride a dirt bike. They had amazing confidence in learning. I was worried and proud all at once. My baby girl was just happy to sit when it wasn't cranked up. Great big thanks to my niece for allowing us to use her dirt bike.

We have celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family all over the country. I am so thankful for all the people that God has brought to our table or allowed us to sit at their table. We would not be who we are without knowing the people we have known and experiencing the life we have lived.

Pictures of the infamous bike experience. You better believe that they want one of these for Christmas. Of course that makes my man excited, so I'm kinda praying he doesn't find one. Not this year anyway.

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