Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm A Helper

I always have thought of myself as a leader. I thought I was pretty good at making decisions and stepping up to the plate when no one else wanted to lead. I'm beginning to think that I am a much better helper. I actually had help all those times when I was "leading."  Someone leading right beside, helping me along whatever path we are on together.  Some of our greatest friendships have come from leading together.

long weekends in the field = crashing in the chair

I think that is why I have handled being a military wife so well. I have moments of weakness, but I have enjoyed moving and setting up home in new areas. We have built our world around the up and downs of military life. My goals have always been to help my husband feel settled so that he can focus on his job.  The kids take a bit longer, making new friends is hard stuff. Mourning lost friends is even harder. 

My helper tendencies extend past my home. I love to help in our church with children's ministries and women's outreach. With the help of my great friend Kaleena, we lead a group of girls in Girl Scouts for 2 years. I've stepped up and helped with PTA/PTO and sports. 

Sometimes I have to say no. That has happened recently with Boy Scouts. I just could not help lead a troop of boys with this upcoming deployment. Especially since the Boy Scout Pack meets at the time that Scarlett needs to be getting ready for bed.  Caroline is getting close to being a babysitter, but not for long periods of time with a cranky toddler.

I hope that I can teach my kids that they can lead, but they can also be a helper. Sometimes the ones that are already leading just need help carrying the load.

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