Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Normal

Some days I think that I have it all together. We are busier that I ever imagined being. My phone calendar is my life lifeline. We would be totally lost without it. Working, even part time, has made our world a little bit more chaotic.

Caroline has turned another year older and started Middle School. Unbelievable stress getting adjusted. We are having to learn how to prep, study, and organize better than we ever have. Caroline continues to be amazing and she is adjusting to a new school and church. She is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth Group at Church, takes a dance class, and is trying out for the basketball team.

Jackson just celebrated a birthday and turned 8 years old. Time! Please slow down.  Jackson is amazing at school. He can give 50% and get great grades. Caroline has to give 1000% and barely gets by.  His downfall is that he likes to talk.
Our goal is to keep Jackson busy. He picks things up quickly and we hope to let him experience everything that he wants.  Jack learned to play hockey this year and enjoyed a short season on the military base hockey league.  Soccer is in full swing and this year Dad gets to help coach. I'll report how that is going later.

My Scarlett has found her vocal cords. She is still limited to just a few words. I have a feeling when she figures out talking we are all in trouble. Scarlett has just started daycare. This was her first week. It was never our goal to have out kids in daycare but financially I need to work now.  Scarlett keeps us running and loves to go "wok" (walk) and feed the "ish" (fish).

As if Ryan and I are not busy enough, we are taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I am so excited and hope that we can climb over this barrier we are at. New career, new home, new life that we are loving is difficult but doable.

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