Thursday, October 18, 2012

Favorite Part of the Day

I used to love nap time. The house got so quiet and I could recharge in the stillness. I certainly would get feisty when that nap time got messed up. I needed it as much as my Scarlett did. 

Now, I am working when she is napping and when I pick her up all recharged. Except, mama is starting to drag.  I am going all day and working part time and I miss that quiet time that was all for me. I have tried getting up at 5:30 and that is not working one bit.

So my new favorite time of the day is after everyone is asleep. Everything can be still and quiet and lovely.  I can recharge and remember all those things that get pushed back during the day.  I can make a list, read a book, or simply sit, but I absolutely cannot clean anymore.

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