Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It never works for me to plan what we are having each day of the week for dinner. My husband loves to cook and he can be creative. There are days that he wants to try something new and if I have a menu planned for that day, I can get a little bent out of shape. It's silly really, but I feel like I made a plan and he could care less. So to avoid that, I just come up with some menu ideas for the week and email them to him. If he has an idea, he will email it back to me. Sometimes, he calls and tells me to take something out of the freezer for a new idea. Sometimes, he could care less what's for dinner as long as I will fix sometng. It's a little bit of give and take that works about 99% of the time. 

This week, I have a few ideas
. - chicken tacos with quacamole sauce,rice
- waffles and sausage patties
- jambalaya, leftover shrimp and sausage in the freezer
- Boston butt on Friday and we will eat off it all weekend

I also am having to get more creative with breakfast. My kids went through about 2 years of wanting cereal all the time. I knew that it was a phase because we have never been a cereal family. Now they still would eat cereal if I bought the chocolate covered, sugar filled cereal. We will save the spoiling for grandma!

Today they had French toast sticks. We will also have waffles, boiled eggs and bacon, toast and fruit salad, and oatmeal. My daughter like strawberry jam on toast and will eat that on oatmeal days.

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