Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've Got Goals

Money Saving Mom has encouraged everyone to set goals. i always felt like I had a running list (my goals) of what needed to be done. The problem with that is that the list was all in my head. 

Who can read my mind?

And so my frustration that no one was helping me was my own doing. If my helpers don't know what I need 
 done, they can't help. 

You would think that I would have figured that out before my mid 30's.

Last week, I sat down and came up with some projects that needed to be completed. These were causing clutter and frustration. The mess was reminding me that I was not finishing what I set out to do. 

Here's my list:
*divide all the recipes by type (desserts, meats, sides, casserole, breakfast)
*3 hole punch or insert into page protectors
*put all in a 3 ring binder
**more sheet protectors
**page dividers
***ULTIMATE GOAL - retype and categorize recipes so that they are easy to share with family and easy to access. Many of these recipes are my Memaw's. 

*clip and sort (i had a massive amount that had not been done)
*pull out expired
*mail expired to Jodie in Japan

Consignment Sale
*sort and hang spring and summer clothes
*masking tape in each piece with consigner number
*safety pin tops and bottoms together
*check and see what the sale is NOT accepting
**assortment of safety pins
**copy consigner price tags onto card stock

*work on ways to lower utility or monthly bills
*pull credit reports and see what needs to be dealt with. 
*create a snowball worksheet

All of this is helping me eliminate some of the clutter and stress in our life. Our future plans for a yard sale are progressing with a nice pile in the garage. I am well on my way to making this new house into a home that we enjoy being in.
My daughter can see her chance at making some cash and voluntarily cleaned out her clothes. Whoo Hoo. Thankful for my 10 year old. This helps me so much.

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