Thursday, May 23, 2013

Almost Summer

We have finally got this deployment started. The whole unit is on the other side of the world.  Just this morning, I received a call from the Family Assistance Office just to see if we were doing OK.   Ryan has already been gone for 4 months, but because he is National Guard this time around he has just made it to the desert. We have many more months to go. 

As thankful as I am to have a family picture, this one is terrible. It was pouring rain! It was loud in the room where these pictures where and they were trying to get as many done as possible. It was a stressful day and I think you can see it on all of our faces!

School is winding down. Thank you very much!!!

Field Day is over for the elementary kids. Jackson was in about 4 events. Most of them involved him running. The boy is fast!
We still have Sports Day for the middle school kids. Somehow Caroline figured out how to be a cheerleader during sports day and not do any other sports.  Although cheering can be tough, I do believe that they will get the easy way out this year.

Scarlett has one more week of daycare and then I think she will spend all her spare time trying to get into the "water." We added extra locks to the doors to keep her in the house. We are also going to be potty training this summer. I bought her a little kids potty. She refuses to use it, choosing to sit on the potty like a big kid. Who does she think she is!!

We finally dropped that bottle habit. She has had a bottle consistently for a little over a year. She only nursed before that and would occasionally take juice from a bottle. Now she is 2 and we just dropped them all together. The truth is we lost them all.   Hopefully when they are found they can be trashed without Scarlett seeing them. 

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  1. Hope the deployment goes quickly for you all. My husband is Guard too and when he was "finally" in Afghanistan, we, at home, were able to find a routine. Before then, it was this weird, waiting for him to leave, even though he already left period.