Friday, May 11, 2012


My kids have scratched their names on window sills, park benches, in concrete, and other places I may not know about from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
I quit fussing at them about destructing property ages ago. 

They are military brats.
And they are leaving their mark on the world around them.
So many military brats say they are not from anywhere and I just have a hard time accepting that. My kids can't say that they always lived in the same house or in the same town, but they can say that they have roots. 

They learned some much in all the places we have lived. We are spoiled from learning what real Mexican food taste like and we cannot find that here on the Gulf coast. Then again, there is nothing like Gulf Coast shrimp. And please don't even start us on the yumminess that is New Orleans. 

My kids, I don't care how many times they move I want them to know and understand that they are from home and home isn't defined by the house you are in or the town you reside in. Home is your family and they carve who you will be.

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  1. We actually take pride in saying we are from no where. For most of us it's never a complaint. The world is/has/was our playground. At some point it changes and that's ok too.