Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stay at Home Mom

 I love being a stay at home mom! 
I really do!
There are some days when I feel like I might lose a little of my sanity amidst these walls
and (having 3 kids)
there are days that I covet the quiet.

Ignore the crazy girl eyes!
 More than anything, I want to be right here where they are.
I want to be able to guide their choices and steer their thoughts.
I may never get it all right, but it will not be for a lack of trying. 

My kids love quality time with family. All their life they have lived away from family while their dad served in the military. We are so proud to have lived that life, but this life is different. Much harder to fit into. 
We will do a lot of visiting and soaking in all the quality time that we can get with all those grandparents.

We will make adventures and make this abnormal life ours.
We will build memories and trip ourselves up, but we will do it all together. 

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