Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Can't Believe He Is 7!!

I cannot believe that my man is 7.

Just the other day he was a baby. He is a mama’s boy and I am so happy for that.

J loves to snuggle, play video games, and he is learning to purposely annoy his sister. Seriously, the annoying your sister thing kind of annoys me!
J you are so brave and you are an awesome brother. I would not have made it across the country without your help in keeping S happy and entertained. Thank you for your silly antics and crazy cop impersonations. I wish I could have recorded them, but I was driving.

You are learning to try new things. You have always been overly cautious. You don’t like to get to dirty or to hot. You love for things to be organized.

I’m not sure that 1st grade was prepared for you. Your tendency to tell things like it is may get you in trouble.  These days you have a little boy that sits behind you in class that crys for attention. This past week, you told him he was “taking this crying thing a little to far.” My goodness you are funny.

Recently, C asked you what you were watching on TV. Your reply was “I don’t know, but it’s TV and it gives me joy.”

We love you! Hope this year is your best year yet!

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