Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lil Light O Mine - The Mail Lady + one more

I am in love with this idea from Lil Light O' Mine . Today we made a little video of Jackson leaving a treat for our mail lady before our Dr's appointments. Hopefully you can see it on here. I may have to upload it to You Tube.
And Jackson was so excited when we got home and the mail had come and the cookies were gone. Yay! He told me on the way inside the house that some people only look at Christmas as a time to get toys, but he doesn't. Thank you that this is sinking in.

In the first picture you can see some of the candy canes that we put together to take to the school today. I have a box and half still left to give away.

See the box with CAT on the side. Those are some tractors that Jackson picked out to go into the Toys for Tots box. Caroline picked out an electric piano. After school today we will take those by the Toys For Tots drop off location.

She's cute and she has a heart bigger than mine.

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  1. oh heavens. love him. soooo sweet. thanks for taking the time to share this! you're a great mom.
    Courtney DeFeo