Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kids Pics

Just some random pictures that the kids took this week.  
We are still adjusting to life here in the Deep South. Although I grew up here, we have been gone for 12 years. Living in FL and MS was the same, but we easily adapted to the wonderful Southern California weather.
Now we gotta adjust back. We are still fighting that homesick feeling. Just part of our adjustment.

Jackson drew a peace sign on the side of my car just because he knew that Caroline loves them. He loves to do things just to make you smile. I hope that we show him how much we appreciate it. 

Caroline was playing with my camera on the way to school. She's so funny and sensitive all at ones. Preteens are difficult and we are working on enjoying all the moments of our day.

I was completely surprised that Starbucks has cake pops. They were super yummy and cute to beat. We will have to try them again and they have woopie pies!

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